The Fettigrew Hall Estate


Fettigrew Hall is an old estate first established in 13th Century. The first development took place when Gilbert DeBois built his castle on the property. Below is a map of the property as it now stands.

Fettigrew Hall Estate Grounds
Fettigrew Hall Estate Grounds

Some time in the 15th Century a house was built. Over the centuries developments continued, and the house was added on. The house was owned by the DeBois family until the property was sold to Thomas Fettigrew in 1842. He continued to enlarge and change the house. Below are maps of the house floors as they were found in 2009.

Fettigrew Hall Ground Floor Map
Fettigrew Hall Ground Floor
Fettigrew Hall 1ST Floor Map
Fettigrew Hall 2ND Floor Map
Fettigrew Hall 2ND Floor