A NEW PLACE TO VISIT    1-26-2016 



Many years ago I purchased a book at Lincoln Castle (Lincoln, England) called Treasures of Britain, published in 1968. It is a guide for the Automobile Association in England. The Castle was having a fund raising book sale and I simply could not leave without it.


I have literally spent months reading through it and putting little stickies on every place I want to see when next I go to England. I’m working on an itinerary and now have to do quite a bit of web research to see if these places are available to the public. Much to my delight, I came upon a place called Plas Teg. It is a Jacobean House and believe it or not, located in Flintshire, Wales. http://plasteg.com/


What struck me is that a woman named Cornelia Bayley has been restoring this house for thirty years. Sounds just like my character, Megan Redford, in my book Fettigrew Hall – The Biography of a House. Ms. Bayley is working on various parts of her house, offering tours and night time ghost tours to earn money. I will most definitely visit her house and see if I can experience a ghost or two.


Take a look at her website http://plasteg.com

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