Description of the House and Maps

There is a large yard in front of the house which is very over grown. Some  of a very tall wall, which connects to a gatehouse, is in the middle. This is in the same style and period as the house. At the front of it, it has a large wooden gate for cars but also a smaller pedestrian door inside the larger gate. The gatehouse has two stories, the top floor being enclosed and large enough to be a little house. Perhaps it was housing for a servant at one time. There is a door inside the passageway which leads to the apartment above. There is also an outside chimney running up one side of it.

Maps and Description

The Gatehouse might look something like this.

The house was built around the 15th and 16th centuries. It is a half timbered structure, meaning that it is built of wood with plaster sections between the wooden beams. The three stories are all half-timbered, and the house has no particular shape. It looks like a hodge podge of rooms added on a whim. The bottom half of the house has close studding, meaning that the studs run vertically close together. The top two floors have decorative trim with a combination of circles and diamonds forming a design across the outside walls. The third floor has a wing with a continuous row of mullioned windows evenly spaced all the way around it. It is the solar, where Megan's bedroom is.

Gatehouse by Anne Flint, acrylic on canvas

Private Collection


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