GOOD FENCES MAKE GOOD NEIGHBORS                       5-5-2017                                                                       

In this case the neighbors are the sheep. You see Goathland, in Yorkshire, England, is partially owned by the Queen and the villagers have had rights to graze their sheep on the common for hundreds of years. Briefly, it is an area where everyone was allowed to graze their livestock. Medieval villages were built around a common area, leaving a grassy area in the center.


If you look closer at the dark fencing on the left you can see that it is criss - crossed. Cute but not practical. Sheep can get their heads through the fence and dine on flowers. If they happen to tangle their horns in the fence they can pull it down or break the slats. In addition, the gate opens inward to the garden. If not latched properly (an unpardonable sin), sheep can walk right in. The answer is a new fence!

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