I actually watch this show.  I  know  - you can’t believe it.  But the reason I like it is the situations they have to deal with.  I find that so interesting and educational.  Then I found the IRT Deadliest Roads, which takes place in India.  Some of the same drivers are there in India, driving along the most dangerous roads “in the world.” Much of the drama involves unsafe roads, due to erosion, being too narrow and rude drivers taking dangerous risk. 

Here is an interesting fact.  The truck drivers in India get paid for careful successful delivery of their load.  The bus drivers get paid for speed; careening down the mountain in order to get people there faster.  Safety isn’t their concern.  It makes me wonder if over-population makes people think that risk is okay.  So what if we lose a couple of dozen today on this mountain; we have so many more!  The really odd thing about it is – If your bus goes down the mountain, so do you.  I can’t see any driver logic in that.


Anyone who has been a driver never stops being one.  Have you noticed that?  Even if you aren’t driving you are still looking and acting like you are in the driver’s seat. Some people go so far as to verbalize what the driver should be doing.  Most of us think that is the most annoying habit a person can have.  I have, on occasion, stopped the car, turned to my husband and asked if he would like to change seats.  He hasn’t taken me up on it but it does seem to make my point.

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