IF ONLY   11-23-2014



I’ve been reading The Plantagenets by John Harvey. It’s part of a series called the British Monarchy, published originally in 1948.  During King Edward III reign, on seven occasions between 1330  to 1372 lawyers and “maintainers of quarrels” were excluded from sitting as members of Parliament. And during Henry IV’s reign they were banned again in 1404. I’m quoting from page 146, “It was felt that by the nature of his business a lawyer was unfitted for genuine representation of country interests; and his aptitude for special pleading and ‘maintaining’ the quarrels of individuals was against impartiality.”


Isn’t it a shame that policy wasn’t continued? If it had been, then our system of government, which is founded on the British system, might have spared itself a lot of grief and actually gotten something done to the benefit of the people, rather than those in government.

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