IT'S GOOD TO BE QUEEN            6-21-2016                                                                        

Queen Elizabeth II's Birthdays took place this month. Or rather, the OFFICIAL one did. Her Majesty was born on 21 April 1926. Being queen, she is allowed two. Why is this? Britain, not being known for its good weather, tries for a summer day. And so, on a Saturday in June the whole country celebrates and they know how to put on a party.


She was crowned in 1952, becoming Queen at the age of 25. She is the world's oldest reigning monarch, Britain's longest lived, and the longest-reigning queen regnant in world history.While you may hear a disparaging word about her family she herself has never been criticized for anything.


The ceremony called Trooping the Colour (sic) is carried out by troops in the household Division (Foot Guards and Household Cavalry), watched by members of the Royal Family, invited guests and members of the public. During the ceremony, the Queen is greeted by a Royal salute and carries out an inspection of the troops. For many years The Queen rode on horseback, however in recent years the she has ridden in a carriage.       

                                                 Well, she is 90, you see.

I actually saw these fly over us on the way to the beach. No colored smoke, though.

Pictures curtesy of The Times.

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