MY SECOND BEST BED     12-16-2014

Not that it is anyone's business, but there have been comments and judgments from various sources regarding the willing of my "second-best" bed to my dear wife, Anne. Why this should cause curiosity or speculation is beyond my comprehension.


I have even felt compelled to explain myself so that others do not think I was disrespectful of my wife or cared not for her. As with many of the artistic and talented, I was forgetful and neglectful. But this did not diminish my love for her, nor hers for me. And I must admit that I often preferred staying in my room to write, rather than taking the long journey back to Stratford. However, we wrote to each other daily, keeping each other abreast of all the news. It was due to her patience and support that I became a great and honored writer.


I am glad to say that none of the letters written between Anne and me have survived the years. Our passion for each other and those things we said were only meant for each other.


So, this question of the second best bed. Anne knew. She would never have questioned this. When I first made money as a play write and actor, I saved until I could afford the finest bed. I had it shipped to Anne to celebrate our anniversary and thereafter we spent many a fine hour loving each other.


As the years went by, and I gained from fame and lucre, I could buy fine furnishings for our home. Despite this, we always preferred the "second best bed," where we had loved each other well. And so Anne knew that this was a message to her, even in my death. She also knew that the mattress was stuffed with money and a few jewels - all given to her in secret.






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