Adventures in the South - Part One

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

As of today, I’ve been in Greenwood for about 6 weeks. Our trip was grueling and boring. The most exciting thing that happened in that three days was a couple of cows coupling and the armadillo I nearly ran over. The dogs were concerned but they did well. The morning we were to leave Fenimore (cat) was missing outside. We tried to find him and finally had to give up and leave. He came back at night and Ryan was able to rescue him and ultimately find him a better home with no dogs. I know that makes him happy.

Before Eric left to go back to work in CO the air conditioning went out. Fortunately, I have a wonderful resource list from the previous owner and I called for service. There was a leak and we were out of freon. That was $400. After E left it went out again. Different problem this time resulting in $600. It is old and definitely needed. E and I decided to replace it along with the furnace, which is attached to the AC. Another $8k but they forgave the $600.

Also, I know that the hot water heater is going to go soon and I’m investigating an on-demand system. One of my friends was coming two days after E left so I was cleaning the room where she would stay. I went in to clean the tub and then could not shut off the water on one side. I called a plumber who examined the situation and said he wasn’t sure he could get the part needed on such an old faucet. It was after hours by that time, so the water ran all night until he came back with a new part. That is now fixed, as well as the leaking faucet outside.

The next day the second moving truck came. Yes, two trucks. Here is what happened. I talked to several movers and found that most no longer come and see what must be moved. They do a phone interview and then pass off the job through bidders. I could see this turning into a disaster of groups unwilling to take responsibility. This became clear when talking with one whose estimate of how many boxes would fill my two-car garage. He thought it might be 30. 300 would be more like it. Fortunately, my realtor had a resource and I called them. A very nice young man came over and walked through the whole house and garage with me and said he thought it would all fit in one truck. Here is where it gets messy. Since we had never been moved w/o a semi moving truck, I assumed we would have one. I thought it would all fit too but said we would be taking a rental truck for certain things we wanted to move ourselves, so we would take overflow if there was any. For various reasons, he was thinking a 26 ft truck, but I didn’t not realize that.

The day the movers showed up with their tiny truck I told them they were not going to get it all in. They assured me they would pack it tight and do their best. They did, but it didn’t. So, after they had packed the whole house, we still had a garage full of boxes and furniture. Four of the crew had shown up in another truck but they had not planned to pack that one. It was all worked out with the owners of the company. The crew packed our truck for us and then the second truck. This second truck was going to arrive a week later unless something could be arranged by them earlier. All was settled.

So, back to this second truck. I had just about emptied all the boxes when he showed up the day before my friend was to arrive. He was early but that was great. We worked all day and he also helped me put the beds together. That had been a problem while E was here as we could not find the right hardware (found it the other day in the bedside table – sigh). While we were struggling to get a heavy bed frame together the dogs started going wild. They would not stop barking and then I heard a voice saying, “Come back, don’t go in there.” I had to leave the mover holding everything while I went to investigate. A neighbor’s dog was in my house. I dragged it out to its owner and went back to moving. By 8:45 we were finally done and neither of us had eaten yet. I was exhausted.

The next day I had to drive to the airport in the afternoon, 90 minutes away. I was exhausted because the dogs kept waking me at 6:15. The driveway is rather awkward, and I was trying to get out w/o hitting the fence. I didn’t, but I did back into the neighbor’s car across the street. Not the way I wanted to meet her. She is elderly and very sweet. I’ve not had an accident in over 40 years. I hope it was because I was so tired and not because I’m becoming elderly too.

My friend was here for 8 days and we got a lot done. We also had fun exploring the town and buying some used furniture that I plan to fix up (because I don’t have enough to do!)

With a population of less than 25,000, this town seems to have almost anything you could want except Target and Costco. Everything else is here. People are extremely friendly and polite. Men always call me Miss Anne.

The weather has been variable. We had a week of rain from a hurricane but no wind or thunder. It has been cool and then hot. Sometimes there is noticeable humidity, sometimes not. The bushes and trees smell wonderful. They are blooming and so are many flowers. So far, so good.


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