Enough Already!

This should really be Part 2, 3 or 4 but I’ve not had time to write them. This is a story about cats.

I have always loved cats and, lived with them most of my life from the age of nine. I felt the loss of Fenimore very much. He was such a sweet boy. I know that through my own fault he got out and ran away. I was too tired to think. But Ryan was able to find him and then worked hard to find him a good home. I know Fenimore is happier without dogs in his life and his people love him.

Some weeks back, I was outside working and Benji (the tribe leader) was barking and carrying on under a tree. I thought he was looking at a squirrel or bird. Since he would not stop, I went to see what was going on. Way up in the tree was a tiny black kitten. I wondered if it had been there more than a day because Benji had been carrying on for a day or so. Fortunately, the air conditioning man was here and, I asked if he could put his ladder up to rescue the kitten. Of course, as soon as he got it up the kitten took a flying leap into the bushes below and the chase was on. Benji was determined he was going to get it and both he and the kitten were faster than me. The AC man caught up with Benji (Kenzie was just along for the ride) and I was able to grab the kitten because it ran into a bush. I’ve never had a cat bite me so deeply and keep on doing it, while it scratched any place it could reach. Dying of pain, I ran for the house and a place to unhook myself from the wild cat.

I finally secured it in a bathroom where it ran under the sink. Over a few days, I tried to tame the beastie, but it was having none of that. I tried the neighbors to see if someone had lost it or would be willing to take it. Every time I tried to get near it, it fought me. Every time Benji went out he ran straight to the tree to see if there was another kitty out there. I was pretty sure he viewed that kitten as prey and always would.

I have too much to do to try and work on both sides of the problem, so reluctantly, I took Beastie to the Humane Society, which is not humane, as they dispose of unwanted animals if there is a problem or they can’t find a home. Sadly, this is probably Beastie’s fate because he won’t make friends.

I took the litter and food to the elderly lady whose car I ran over and figured that was the end of it.

The problem with trying to integrate a cat is that if I adopt one, I should not take it back or maybe would not be able to. An older cat might be okay with dogs, but how do you know? A baby can adjust to dogs but would Benji hurt it?

Several days ago, I was missing a cat so much that I got on line and found a cat rescue place 30 minutes away. I inquired about one I liked and was told it had been adopted but they had many more (they always do, lamentably). After talking with my dear friend, she pointed out all the reasons I should not get a cat. She is right, of course, but I still wanted one.

So, yesterday, late afternoon, I went out to get the mail and what should I find on my front porch but a tiny, tiny kitten. It cannot be more than 5 weeks old. It’s a bit skinny but seems in good condition. It also was not afraid of me and seemed happy to be picked up and petted. Apparently, the universe will insist!

If I was going to keep this one I had to find a safe way for it to be confined but unharmed by dogs. I remembered we had a dog crate somewhere. I found it in the garage and it was just the ticket. I cleaned it out, found a nice blanket, went down the road for litter, and food again. Now, the dogs can explore but not reach the baby.

Later in the evening, Benji was going wild at the window. Upon investigation, I saw a mother cat and a baby. Was this because I had been thinking it might be better to have 2 kittens to keep each other company?! When I went out they ran away. I followed the kitten but couldn’t catch it. Then I found a whole litter that ran into a hole in the foundation of the house. I have been unable to catch any of them so far, but they don’t seem as friendly as the one I have.

I think I’ll name him/her Twinkle, after the kitten in my book Fettigrew Hall.

And I’m going to be careful what I wish for.


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