Wow, crazy plot! I'd read it if you like mysterys.

Paula S.

Arvada, CO

The author's first novel (Fettigrew Hall) focuses on a place. This one focuses on a time (13th century), a particularly nasty one. The author has done her homework. I felt like I was there. I could see it, hear it, and smell it. Nasty. Unpleasant. Ugly. It was all too real. This only made me care more about the characters, Jancis most of all. I grew to admire her courage, her endurance, her heart. I rooted for her--and raced to find out what would happen to her. (While this is the second book in a series, it is a prequel. Feel free to read it before "Fettigrew Hall.")

Wily Post

Colorado Springs, CO

I couldn't stop reading. I got hooked by chapter 5 and then it got even more interesting. Lots of surprises in the plot.

Richard R.

Delta, CO

Clever idea to write about who lived in a house over many years. I think the house might be my favorite character. The last chapter for the next book sounds even better. Can't wait.

Cindy B.

New York, NY

It is hard for me to find a book that really keeps my attention. This one did it. I was sad to finish it and can't wait for the next books to come out.

Hartford, CT

Pretty good story. I'd give it a B+.

Andrea A.

Canyon City, CO

I'm in love with Gray. Can't wait for the next book. Hope he wins the girl.

Tracy B.

Portland, OR

I really got involved in the characters. Wish I knew more about them and was sorry when the story ended. I think the author did a good job on the plot although there were a few things that were sort of unbelieveable.

Chris T.

Aurora, CO

Wow this was great! I love British mysteries and enjoyed the twists of plot.

Kris P.

Westminster, CO

If this is a series, I wonder what happens next. I liked it.

Phil R.

Lakeland, FL

These were great characters and I'd like to know who else has lived in this house through the centuries. A fun read.

Lisa Q.      

Portland, OR

Cool book.

Auriel F.

I really enjoyed it.

Sam P.

Fort Wayne, IN

This was a fun read.

Alexa W.

Boston, MA

Just finished reading the 13th century. I started it one week ago and each night read it. It was a page turner for me. I haven't read a fiction book in a really long time but I enjoyed reading this. It was very entertaining and kept me wanting to read more. The chapters were small which made for easy reading and setting the mind up to want to read what happens next.

John G    

Colorado Springs, CO

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