Fettigrew Hall - The Biography of a House

After the devastating death of her husband, Megan Redford returns to England, where she was raised.   In London she meets Andrew, who tells her she looks just like his long lost girlfriend Meghan.  As she travels, she finds and explores a deserted Tudor mansion and she becomes unaccountably obsessed with it.  She arranges to purchase and restore the house and learns the locals think the house is haunted.


Megan meets Andrew’s brother, Gray, a retired butler and man of all trades, who begins to help her with restoration.  As cleaning and repair begin on the house Megan has several occasions where the door on a back bedroom cannot be opened.  While cleaning that room she discovers a hidden passage. 


A book is found written by a former owner of the house, which tells of the house’s history and some of the people who lived there over the centuries.  The house starts to come alive with ghosts and hauntings. 


This book is the contemporary story but future books will tell of the people who lived there through the centuries, the ghosts and why they are there, secret hiding places, treasures found and more murder.

The 13th Century


The 13th Century is the story of the foundation of the property where Fettigrew Hall now stands.


The building of the castle is interrupted when  all able-bodied men leave for the Crusades. Through disease and death, Jancis becomes the remaining person to take responsibility for her home and those living within the walls. The very ownership of the castle is threatened.


While hunting, Jancis is attacked by wolves. She is rescued by Oren and remains at his cottage until she recovers. She struggles to find the strength to take her next step and finds true love - the very reason to survive.

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