Fettigrew Hall - The Biography of a House
The cover was developed from one of my favorite houses, Little Moreton Hall or Moreton Old Hall.  The painting was done in 1886 by George Theaker.   Ryan Flint flipped the picture using Adobe Photoshop, colored it in sepia and added bushes to hide the bridge in the painting.  The cover picture now looks more like what I described in the book.

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Developing the 13th Century cover

The 13th Century

Has been described as one of the most violent, treacherous, and disruptive era’s in history. The brutal Crusades, disease and political intrigue all played their parts.


Jancis watched the men of the castle start on their heroic adventure to the Crusades, only to be shunned and ignored by the man she was committed to by marriage. Though this lay heavily on her heart, it was not as onerous as the responsibilities of the castle and all the people who lived there.


As Jancis’ family is torn apart by death and starvation she struggles to find the strength to take her next step, ultimately finding her true love and the very reason to survive.


The 13th Century is the story of the foundation of the property where Fettigrew Hall stands.  Fettigrew Hall - The Biography of a House is the first book in the series, which discusses the mysteries of a 600 year old house in England, full of mystery, romance and haunted history.

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