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If you want to go out for a drink you say, "Let's go down the pub." This is The Compasses Pub in a tiny village called Littney Green. It is considered a traditional pub, although it isn't that old, being Victorian (She died in 1901).


I had the pleasure of eating there last night. Along with a couple of pints of New Castle Ale, I ate what is called an Essex Huffer. It was truly enormous and yes, I ate it all. The size of a dinner plate, it is a thick triangular bun filled with your choice of goodness. I had the second one listed here. This is a typical pub menu board.

No one knows where the name Huffer comes from but it is speculated that  'huf' could have come from 'half loaf', and so it became a 'huffer' or 'half loafer'.
The pub, short for 'public house', is an integral part of British life. In many parts of the world, most bars are little more than functional drinking holes. In Britain, though, a pub is typically much more than this: it can be a meeting place, an entertainment centre, the focal point of a community.

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